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Post-Mix Sales and Service

Post-Mix Dispensers
ICEE Distributors offers commercial quality Post-Mix soda dispensers that are made to last. All units are new and fully tested by the manufacturer to ensure proper operation upon delivery.

Post-Mix dispensers have a syrup pump, CO2 tank, and carbonator that takes cold tap water and combines it with CO2 gas to produce soda water.  Syrup pumps operate under the power of CO2 gas. Electronic valves control the amount of syrup and soda water being dispensed. Some units have push buttons on the front while others have metal tabs in the back that are activated by pressing a cup up against them.

Maintaining your soda temperature is the most important and troublesome part of any soda dispenser. If soda is dispensed at improper temperatures, you will lose your carbonation and your soda will taste flat. Soda should be dispensed at no more than 40 degrees.

Ice Machine and Dispensers 
ICEE Distributors offers commercial ice machines and dispensers. All units are fully tested and properly installed by our trained and knowledgable staff.

Ice machines have a compressor and coil which require periodic maintenance and cleaning for proper operation. We offer stand-alone ice machines and also ice dispensing units.

Maintaining ice machine temperature is the most important part of operating any ice machine. Regular maintenance will insure that your coil is kept clean and that the unit is operating efficiently.

ICEE Distributors is a one-stop beverage provider. We offer a full range of beverage equipment, supplies, and service. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone ice machine, or a ice dispensing unit, ICEE Distributors can fill all your beverage related needs.

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